Arleta limo



If you live in Arleta and looking to take a trip out of town and need to get to the airport, Parking a car and leaving it means you have to pay fees for leaving it in an unguarded lot. You never know what will happen to your car while you are gone, and you will have it on your mind the entire time you are gone. This can actually ruin your trip instead of allowing you to enjoy it. This is why “ARLETA LIMOUSINE SERVICE” provides an airport limo to help you get to the airport on time, without you having to worry about anything else before you get onto the plane. And our services include the LAX airport, and the Burbank airport. Show up rested and relaxed before you board your plane and have a safe and easy trip both ways.

Arleta limo service is more than a standard limo service. Each driver is tested and certified so that they can not only handle the different limos that we have but they do the job with professional grace. They are trained to keep you safe, happy, and having fun while taking you where you want to go. Whether you need to get to the airport, take someone to the Prom, head to Disneyland without having to park a car, or just a drive through town we will be there to provide you excellent service. We provide more than just a car service, we provide a level of commitment to you that we hope you enjoy.



A fancy dance such as a Prom or a Homecoming dance are not the only reasons for a person to get into a limo, ant they shouldn’t be. Once you have had the taste of riding around in style such as that you will want to have it more and more. Arleta Luxury Car service can provide you that service at any time you want with their luxury transporation.
Take a trip within the city and travel to your friends houses to pick them up and head into Los Angeles or Hollywood for a great night on the town. You can have all the fun you want, and know that you will make it home safe in the process. This is just a bonus feature that is added when you are showing up to that club in the car service we provide. Make not only your friends envious, but leave the crowds wondering how and why you were so important as to arrive in that limo in the first place.


But Arleta car service has more than just car service to provide you. There is also a party bus rental so you can either get that party started early, or keep it going after you leave the concert, club or party. Who know you might even have more fun on the party bus than you did at the event you were heading to. And you know your friends will be talking about it for years to come, often being jealous and envious at the same time.